Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pinch punch first of the month

Hello fellow spankee's and spankers. Thought it was about time I wrote a new post, I should get a bloody good spanking for being such a slacker.

Whats been going on in Aleesha's world I hear you shout. Well quite a bit actually. So I am going to give you the lowdown in this here post.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being a teacher for the day at Spanking school day's . Nine naughty boys and girls in attendance. Each one of them got a sound seeing too. If you are looking for an authentic and fun school day then this is one not to be missed.

The school room is one of the best I have seen and the teachers are just divine (if I do say so myself). You can also book this room for yourself for private use.Or request that the Headmaster or one of the teachers turn your bottom cheeks a beautiful shade of red. I do not have pictures from yesterday but have found some old ones of yours truly and the beautiful Leia Ann Woods. Leia is also a teacher at the school. Obviously we were on the receiving end in this picture as the school room also holds sub fem school day's for all you budding teachers. So come and teach your own lesson if you think you have what it takes to teach some very bratty young ladies the error of their ways.

One of my pupils wrote me a wonderful little limerick, that I would also like to share with you. I thought it was very sweet of him even if it is only the beginning that is complementary. I chose to ignore his plea's. All naughty boys and girls get punished in my class!

Why Miss Fox, what a pleasure to see
Such a beautiful teacher as thee
If your lessons could please
Be the ones done with ease
None more difficult, than just one two three

If by chance, should my answers be wrong
Lets not play any verbal ping-pong
Just a word to the right
Being Ohh so polite
Lets not have any violence go on!

Please be kind to us young boys and girls
Give us sweets, and some Viennese whirls
If your tempted to smack
Or a bottom to whack
Take deep breaths, just relax, stroke your pearls.

Please don’t reach for that strap or that cane
Take a mo, just relax, think again
Do you want bots to smart
Turn bright red from the start?
Take a chill pill , your composure regain

So take head and read this, be good girl
And the day it will go really swell
If you spare our behind
We will all be real kind

Moving on there seems to have been a flurry of updates recently. So I am going to start with one of my favorite and nosiest films to date. I always love filming with Northern Spanking. They are such professional and nice people to work for, you almost forget that you are making films about being punished. They also have such a vast and hot line up of models who have worked for them and endless films for you to watch. What more could you want from a site? Get yourself's over to my good friends  Northern Spanking and check out new film Classroom Chaos. 

Starring Aleehsa Fox, Alice Appleby, Caroline Grey, Leia-Ann Woods, Zoe page, Lucy Mclean and Stephen lewis. 

It is near to the end of term for Miss Mcleans music class and the girls are still struggling to learn the song they started at the beginning of term. Prefect Zoe maintains an air of perfect, but will Miss Mclean see through her? Will the other girls be cleared of bullying? Will the girls ever learn the song? And most importantly, will our ears survive the experience?

This was a really fun if a bit chaotic film to make and I am sure you will agree it has a wonderful line up! Go and see if we get our comeuppance. And it also has a wonderful twist at the end if I remember correctly. 

I hopped off to Holland for a few days to film with Spanked in uniform they have released a few of the films we have filmed already! They do not waste any time do they? They update loads on this site and if you like seeing girls in uniform get a good firm and when I say firm I mean FIRM spanking. This is just the site for you. I filmed in total I think nine films and hope to go back and do some more at some point, that is if they will have such a diva back again!

The first film starring myself and Danielle Hunt is from the series The Rockford School of Dance. 
Superstar and diva Danielle Hunt is going on her second world tour and she needs to get back in shape so she booked another session at the Rockford School Of Dance under the strict training of coach Johnson. This time she brought one of her backing singers Aleesha Fox with her. Aleesha was quite horrified when coach Johnson used his new heavy 3 tailed tawse to good effect on the bottoms of the two divas during training.

The second is from the series St Catherines and stars myself and Monique. School bully Aleesha has been taking Monique's lunch money for a while now until she was caught by the headmaster. He dragged her upstairs to his office and severely scolded her. He put her across his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then he told Aleesha to hand him the special hand cane and he caned her hands. Then she was bent over the desk for six of the best with the senior cane on her bare bottom.  

I did push Poor little Monique around a bit and almost bashed her head of of the stairs. Maybe I was taking the acting a little too far. I just got caught up in the moment I guess. I did apologies after filming for being such a nasty bully and hopefully wonderful Monique does not hate me too much!

The next episode is from the series St Catherines also starring me and Monique again.

With her bottom stinging under her school knickers, Aleesha left Monique alone but Monique had other ideas. She decided to take revenge on her own and she started to bully Aleesha for her lunch money. This didn't last long as the Headmaster found out and he gave Monique exactly the same as Aleesha. A sound spanking, a hand caning and a sound bare bottom caning. 

Now you can imagine my fear as Monique is allowed to get her revenge on me. Luckily for me Headmaster get's there just before things get too out of control. She did manage to give me a stella slap around the face before he decided to intervene.


The next is from the series The Montgomery Military Academy.

Cadets Aleesha and Danielle had earned a day pass but when their commanding officer wanted to inspect them before they went out, their uniforms were not up to academy standards. Unpolished shoes, wrong bras, Aleesha wore a string and Danielle no knickers at all!. Their pass was cancelled and their bare bottoms got a sound birching They were then told that the next morning their dorm would be inspected but that turned out to be a disaster too for the two cadets. They were both soundly spanked and they got the dreaded OTK caning.

I liked this film as it gave me the chance to relive the one time that I went to cadets. It was a bit too regimented at the time and I did not like being told what to do. So now I have had my karma spanking and birching for being such a crap cadet!

The next film released so far over at Spanked in Uniform is from the Whippingsham Secretarial Collage. When Danielle and Aleesha were sent to temp for a company, they spent way too much time gossiping and talking by the water cooler during their breaks. When they were confronted with it the cheeky madams gave Mr. Johnson quite a hard time about it but it ended as it always does at Whippingsham. Their attitude got their bottoms soundly spanked and paddled.

I think I may have needed to cool my red stinging bottom on said water cooler after the spanking I received!

And finally! The last episode released so far is from Mikes 50's Diner.  

A mother with her sulky teenage daughter came in for lunch at the diner. The mother was quite sick of her daughter's attitude and she promised her a spanking when they got home. Chef Mike overheard the conversation and suggested that a spanking right there and then is much effective. To the daughter's dismay she was pulled over her mother's knee and right there in the restaurant, she got a sound spanking. After the spanking she was told to wait in the car. After spanking her daughter, and hearing Chef's way of how he deals with naughty females,  the mother realised she misses a firm hand on her own bottom so she asked Chef if he would give her a good spanking also which he gladly did.

I got to use one of my mothers famous quotes in this which goes along the lines of "I will beat you into next week" 
You have got to love the golden oldies. that women gave me so much material and few good spankings. People wonder why I like being spanked!

phew that is a lot of spankings to take. I was going to add some more sites but I think I have run out of time for now so will continue tomorrow, but do not hold me to that you know what an inconstant blogger I am. I hope you enjoy reading. TTFN! 


  1. I just want to say that working with Aleesha was a real pleasure. Not only is she just drop dead gorgeous, she is a very talented and versatile actress and a perfect Diva lol

    I will fly her to Holland again that's for sure!

    Great job sweetheart!


  2. Great work Aleesha; and a lovely site i'm very proud of you; hope to see you in the future by my friend Mr johnson.Hug and kind regards. x: Ben.

    1. Thank you Ben. Glad you enjoy reading it x

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  4. Aleesha you received big spanks at Northern spanking a great site and you gave little Monique a sound spanking for brattiness ,love and spanks from ,Timx

  5. Hi Aleesha,

    Gutted you're not doing sessions anymore. Interesting you know you had your bottom smacked by Mum too when needed. I've always wondered if a lot of spankees experiences this

    Chris xx