Sunday, 3 March 2013

As promised

And hello again. As promised I am now going to finish off (well if I have enough time) what I started yesterday. Now I have to decide where to start!

I worked AAA Spanking at the end of last summer. It was a delightful day. Scorching hot and I am not just talking about the models. The highlight of the day for me was watching Jenna Jay and Zoe page wrestle each other, boy I love my job! Shame I did not get a chance to join in on that one! Anyway here's a few updates from AAA Spanking.

This is the 1st of 4 films featuring naughty schoolgirls, Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, with their various put upon uncles who have tried to look after them and bring them up properly but these 2 are far more worldly and know just how to run rings around kindly Uncle "Dodgy Dave" who they adore as he lets them get away with all sorts (unlike nasty old Uncle John). But even Dave got fed up and from time to time and he had to administer his own unique brand of punishment, sometimes to the amusement of the girls, but also they knew when he meant business and the smiles and laughter disappeared. Here in his kitchen, the girls arrived home late from school, having left it in a mess, not done their homework and showed a lack of respect which had earned them both his hand and some wooden implements across their bare bottoms! Domestic and cute schoolgirl uniform lovers will enjoy this film from our latest series of "Uncle knows best" films! 

I would like to add that myself and Jenna where rather naughty. We gave our Uncle Dodgy a bit of a hard time. So much so he broke a wooden spoon on my derriere! I am sure he cried himself to sleep that night after wrecking such a valuable antique. I am also sure a lot of girls jumped with joy at hearing the news that said spoon was no longer with us

More from AAA Spanking..

Aleesha Fox thought she was being clever by hiding her stash of cigarettes under the bush. However, Dorm Mistress, Miss Page, had seen what this foolish and sneaky schoolgirl was up to and replaced the stash with some interesting objects for her to discover... spanking implements that were to be used on Aleesha's behind! 

Now a funny story about this film, well funny for me now anyway. Whilst rummaging under the bush I happened to come across not my stashed cigarettes but a toxic looking orange slug. I do not have many fobia's, But slugs happen to be one of them. I let out one hell of a scream and must have looked like a lunatic. I spent the rest of the film literally shaking with fear and feeling sick and not just because of Miss Page's lethal tongue and stinging smacks! But like the true professional I am, I soldiered on. Next time I film outside I will definitely have a pocket full of salt so I can exterminate any nasty garden pests! 

Back over to Northern Spanking A few updates that I missed out yesterday that where released over the last year, that I do not want you to miss out on. I felt rather guilty about not mentioning these films  as I love working with these guys. 

I will start with. A Visit To Mistress Jadie

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Aleesha Fox & Jadie Reece 
Spanking, Paddle, Crop 

Amelia Jane and Aleesha find themselves spending another painful afternoon with Mistress Jadie, the credit card therapist. Sent by their husbands, the theory is that, by means of corporal punishment, some kind of aversion therapy is implanted whereby the recollection of pain and humiliation enables the girls to resist abusing their husbands generosity. 

Funny how they keep coming back though!

I got to work with two stunning models shooting this film Jadie Reece and Amelia Jane Rotherford. Both legends on the spanking scene. To say I was happy is an understatement. 

The next is smooth criminal Aleesha Fox, Leia-Ann Woods, Michael Stamp 

OTK Spanking, Paddle, Strap, Cane 

Small-time criminals Woods & Stamp fetch up at the offices of a man who owes them money. A lot of money. And they are not leaving until his secretary tells them where to find him... They will beat it out of her if necessary!

Looking through the photo set for this film it is hard to choose which ones to add. I love working with Leia-Ann I could put every picture of her on my blog! What a stunner.

Next film from Northern Spanking is The Smell Of Chalk Dust. 

Aleesha Fox & Paul Kennedy 
OTK Spanking, Cane 

When Aleesha visits her boyfriend at work, the smell of chalk in his classroom brings about some memories, and an idea!

Super fun film. If you like Adult school girl fun then this is the film for you. Ah the memories!

Still with Northern Spanking the next film is A Good Old Fashioned Caning.

Alice Appleby, Caroline Grey, Aleesha Fox & Stephen Lewis 

Caroline and Alice have been caught playing truant and marched to see the Headmaster by the School Secretary, Miss Fox.

I think I may have been a bit selfish with the pictures so far and most of them are me getting a good seeing too. I hope you enjoy these stills, especially the one of Caroline Grey's stripped Bottom!

The next site I would like to feature is Sam's Diaries. I have done loads of films for Sam over the years. She has a great site full of hundreds of clips for you to choose from. All the best spanking girls. Lots of FF, MF and FM spanking's, strapping's and caning's. a spanker's paradise!

I am going to start with the film Fifty Shades Darker, which is a follow up to the film Fifty Shades Of pink.

Sam's boss Aleesha lends Sam the book Fifty Shades of Gray. Little does Sam know that her boss has other ideas and did not lend her the book out of the kindness of her heart. She has much darker Plans for Sam and her beautiful Bottom! In Fifty shades darker Aleesha ties Sam to a chair and moves the punishment pushing sam's limits!

Over to Bar and Stripes I am still banged up for treason. Will I ever be released? Will they get the information they need? Well I hope not. I like it in that prison, do not tell Gov that because I will be out on my ear!

Well that is about all for now. I hope you enjoy reading. TTFN!


  1. Hi aleesha, its jenna loved working with you at aaa spanking.

  2. Aleesha the videos are very good you did at Northern spanking and at AAA Spanking ,love and spanks,Tim.