Thursday, 30 May 2013

Schoolgirl No More

So today has been a strange one and I am going to try and write this post without upsetting too many people.

When I first got into the CP scene I was not very comfortable with dressing as a schoolgirl. I did it but I always had my reservations. I guess the more you do something you get used to it and I actually started to enjoy regressing and acting out this type of scene. It is also a very popular roleplay, so I found myself doing it often. I will admit that one of my favorite films, is of me dressed like a schoolgirl.

So why the sudden change of heart?

On my journey to a shoot the other day my heart sank. I just did not want to dress as a schoolgirl.  I feel I cannot play this role anymore. I am too old to be dressing up in a school uniform and acting like a brat. I am 33 years old. I understand the fact that people have their first feelings towards someone in a school uniform. I understand that people like to play out adult school girl fantasies, but I do not want to play this role anymore. I just cannot do it. Watching the news tonight I felt sick when I heard something that I will not go into. I thought to myself, that is it, no more.

So where does that leave me on adult school scenes?

I am not too sure at the moment. Would it make me a hypocrite to still be a teacher in a scene? I guess that is something I will have to work out myself. For now I am still comfortable with that, that may change. You see the thing is, as we grow in age, I guess we change and evolve.

This is probably career suicide, but I would not be being true to myself if I did things that I was no longer comfortable with.

In writing this I did not mean to upset anyone who enjoys this role-play this is just my own personal feelings and limits.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Mahem

Well it has happened again. I have neglected my blog, nothing new then. It has been a busy month film wise. I had the pleasure of working with Katie Stricktland and her partner, bit of a drive up north, but got to use my rather hard and heavy hand to its full potential! That always puts a smile on my face. Check out the videos and no nonsense spankings at yes maam.

I have also filmed with AAA spanking again and you will be able to find the new films on the site in the near future. I got to work with Zoe Paige again which is always a treat, even if she is a bit of a evil cow when she gets going!

In other news I have started my own clips4sale store. So just working through the teething problems of filming my own clips. The clips will not just be spanking related but rest assured my store will have its fair share of CP.

I also filmed for filmed for spanking Sarah and her sites. I will put a link up to her blog when I edit this blog post later.